My Al-Qur’an

My Al-Qur’an is a mobile Al-Qur’an for windows phone. With beautiful User Interface, Clearly Text of surah, make your easier to read each surah, Full Quran Arabic Text with English Translation.

My Al-Qur’an like original Al-Qur’an, consist of:
* 30 Juz
* 6236 ayat
* 114 surah

My Al-Qur’an i dedicated for all people muslim around in the world. I hope this application useful to increase your iman, and of course to approach your self to ALLAH SWT.

Download this application, try, and give me some feedback. If you trying this application and found some content of ayat, surah, or audio is wrong. Don’t hesitate to give me some comment for feedback. All comment and feedback would be appreciated.

Download these application here
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